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Teeth Whitening in Bondi Junction

The Dental Spa Bondi is Sydney’s Smartbleach 3LT preferred provider simply because we offer the best value with the most modern facilities in a caring and relaxing environment. Celebrities constantly come to us because we are able to achieve a long-lasting whiter smile in less than one-hour. We also offer take-home whitening options.


What is Smartbleach 3LT Teeth Whitening?

Smartbleach is a photo-dynamic teeth whitening procedure that creates long-lasting teeth whitening in as little as 36 minutes. The results are immediate and won’t bounce back like home-bleaching kits and blue heat-lamps based teeth whitening systems. Read some more commonly asked questions about Smartbleach.

Why is Smartbleach superior to other methods of teeth whitening?

The Smartbleach 3LT Teeth Whitening treatment process is patented. Only Smartbleach can use a combination of pure green laser-like light and a scientifically-engineered red alkaline gel. The alkaline gel does not etch tooth enamel like traditional acid-based bleaching gels and the laser-like light avoids heating of the tooth-pulp like heat-lamp based systems meaning less sensitivity post-treatment.

Is Smartbleach safe?

Yes. Smartbleach is backed by more that ten years of research in Australia and European universities.

How many treatments do I need?

A single treatment is all that is needed in the vast majority of patients. Certain heavily stained teeth may need more than one treatment but our dentist will inform you of this prior to treatment.

How long does it take?

Less than 1 hour in most cases.

How long does it last?

Assuming you look after your teeth normally, experience has shown that the benefits of Smartbleach can last for years.

Can you show me the improvements I can expect?

Yes. We can show you on a shade chart the expected degree of improvement.

Keep your smile bright without giving up the things you enjoy…

Red wine, coffee, smoking and time can leave your teeth appearing dull and lifeless. With Smartbleach you can keep doing the things you like and maintain a brighter, more confident smile.

Key Differences of Smartbleach Teeth Whitening:

  • Treats stains other systems cannot budge
  • Comfortable and fast natural looking results
  • Non-acidic gel means no etching of the tooth enamel like traditional whitening gels
  • No heating of the pulp means less sensitivity and greater safety
  • Virtually no dehydration of the enamel so results don’t bounce back when you go home
  • Photo-dynamic gel interacts with laser-like light to create a more effective whitening process

Contact us to arrange your first consultation.

Dr Ellie Borgelt is passionate about beautiful white teeth. She believes that the fastest way to look younger is to whiten your smile. Simply arrange a consultation with Dr Borgelt and she will tell you if your teeth are suitable and show you the results you can expect. Take advantage of our Summer promotion. We are currently offering 30% off the normal price of the Smartbleach 3LT. We also offer take-home whitening options.


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