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Orthodontics Bondi Junction

Orthodontics - Improve Your SmileDr Borgelt and her team are proud to work with you to achieve your goals of a stunning smile. Our Orthodontics options include traditional braces and Invisalign®.

Treatments Provided

Early Intervention

Give your child the smile they deserve, by bringing then in for a consultation to see how early preventative appliances can help them later in life.
Early Intervention For Children's Dental Health
Early orthodontic treatment is designed to help young children who still have some or all of their primary teeth, which may prevent improper growth and alignment of permanent teeth.


Sequential clear, plastic aligners that apply constant gentle pressure to align the teeth. We can treat Adults and teenagers with clear aligners. The main advantage is discreet and easy to remove to maintain good oral hygiene. Dr Gustavo Vivaldi is very experienced treating even complex cases with Invisalign.
Braces for Straighter Teeth


Traditional appliance using brackets and wires to align the teeth. Dr Vivaldi has extensive experience treating adults and children. Leave the work in our hands!

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If you would like to learn more about getting the look you have always wanted, contact our practice today. Our convenient location and flexible office hours make it easy to find time in your schedule for an appointment 6 days per week.  Contact us to arrange your first consultation.


Adult Orthodontics – The Dental Spa Bondi


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