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Health and Safety

With the recent focus in the media on health and safety at dental practices, we want to reassure our patients that we use the highest control standards. We go above and beyond the requirements set by the Australian Dental Association to guarantee our patients’ safety.

Sterilisation and Infection Control Procedures

Infection control procedures are constantly changing. It takes more than just having a functioning autoclave to sterilise instruments properly.

At The Dental Spa Bondi, we sterilise every single instrument using an ultrasonic cleaner and a dryer. Our instruments are then bagged and placed in a sophisticated autoclave. We run two daily tests on the autoclave to ensure it’s functioning correctly.

All other instruments that are not suitable to go in the autoclave are covered in disposable plastic wraps. Where applicable, we use disposable materials and don’t save costs by reusing things.

Our sterilisation area is open to the public for everyone to see how we keep everything sterilised.

Our dental chairs also have flushing cycles and a waterline cleaning system that guarantees that all water entering your mouth is always clean and not a flush back from another patient. Surprisingly, not all dental chairs have this function!

Comprehensive Dental Records

All of our instruments have a unique barcode so we can keep track of them and reconcile them to the autoclave. This allows us to scan the instruments that we have used in your mouth and keep a record of your care with us.

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