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Custom Crowns

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Dental crowns (sometimes referred to as “caps”) are full coverage restorations designed to preserve and reinforce teeth affected by severe fractures, decay or recent endodontic treatment. Crowns are also ideal for restoring single dental implants when you’re planning to replace a missing tooth.

Because they cover the full surface above the gumlines, crowns are created in a way that enhances the tooth’s appearance while being durable enough to withstand everyday wear. Each one is crafted from high-grade ceramic or porcelain over a metal base.

Your new crown blends in with your smile so that you can feel confident about the way it looks while taking essential steps to preserve your damaged tooth.

What to Expect During Treatment

Most crowns require two appointments to complete. During your first visit, we numb the tooth and remove any damaged surfaces, then prep the remaining enamel so that a restoration can fit over it. An impression is taken of the area, which we send to our lab where the crown will be made.

While the permanent crown is being hand-crafted, you will wear a temporary cap over the tooth for comfort and aesthetic purposes. About two weeks later, the final restoration will be ready to bond into place.

Caring for Your New Crown

Like any other type of dental restoration, your new crown requires daily care to ensure its integrity and effectiveness. Daily flossing is essential, as bacterial plaque is prone to collect along the margin of the porcelain. A water flosser is also effective. We recommend scheduling a preventative care appointment every six months to monitor the seal around your tooth so that potential issues can be intercepted as early as possible.

If you tend to grind or clench your teeth when you sleep, wearing a protective mouthguard can limit possible wear or fractures in porcelain crowns and other restorations.

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