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Children’s Dentistry in Bondi Junction

Learning Healthy Habits

We love seeing children getting into good habits when they are young. At The Dental Spa Bondi, our dental experts recommend you start bringing your children in when they start to get their first teeth. By starting early, your children will be used to the dentist and see their visits as a fun, enjoyable experience! Children are then more likely to continue regular dental care throughout their lives.

A Child’s Dental Appointment

Kids Dentist Bondi Junction

Our team love taking care of children and helping them to enjoy visiting the dentist!

Your child will receive education about oral hygiene, preventing future problems from ever occurring. This education happens over the course of their visit, which we have specially designed to suit children.

When your child sees their dentist for an appointment, we start with a soft toy crocodile and ask them to check the animal’s teeth. We have found that this type of role playing helps get kids involved in their dental care and makes them feel comfortable. Children can then watch the television in the ceiling above the dental chair with soundproof headphones on, making their visit enjoyable and fun.

After the appointment, we let our young patients go to the treasure box and select a toy. They will also get a balloon, toothbrush, and sing a fun song with their doctor about brushing their teeth. We find that parents usually have to drag their children out of our office, because they never want to leave!

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Your children will look forward to visiting the dentist! Contact us to schedule a fun first appointment.


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